VI TA OK rogain

On Saturday, 8 October 2005
Arbavere, Lääne-Virumaa

Competition rules:

  • The object of the competition is to score points within the time limit by finding checkpoints located on the competition terrain. The value of the checkpoints varies, depending on the difficulty-distance from the event centre, from 2 to 5, and is equal to the decimal place of the checkpoint number. Checkpoints may be visited in any order (score orienteering).
  • Time limit: 8 hours.
  • The competition starts at 9.30 a.m.
  • The control time is 5.30 p.m.
  • Competition materials are delivered to a team representative from 8.30 a.m.:
    1) Event maps: one for each team member;
    2) Number bibs: one for each team member.
  • The SportIdent electronic punching system will be used for recording visits to the checkpoints.
  • In the event of malfunction of the SI-station or any doubt of malfunction, the event map margin shall be punched with the punch at the checkpoint marker. The checkpoint site is additionally marked with small pieces of paper so that the competitors could be sure that the checkpoint was there in case both the control flag and SI-station are missing. A visit to such checkpoint can be proved by picking up one scrap of a paper.
  • A team's score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited less penalties.
    Late returns are penalised by deducting points: up to 1 minute - 1 point, for exceeding each next full minute - 1 point. Teams finishing more than 30 minutes late shall be deemed ineligible for a placing. The team with the greater score, or in the event of a tie, the team which finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing.
  • Number bibs must be pinned on a visible place and must be worn during the whole competition (from start to finish) by all members of the team.
  • Each team must remain together, i.e. within eyesight of each other so that the number bibs are clearly visible, for the entire period from the start until their retirement from the course.
  • Competitors shall not deliberately rest within sight of a checkpoint.
  • On the course, i.e. during the competition outside the event centre, competitors may use only food or other supplies taken along from the event centre. The only exception is drinking water offered by the organiser, or assistance provided in the event of emergency.
  • The only navigational aids that may be carried on the course are maps provided by the organiser, compasses and watches.
  • If one or more members of the team want to retire from the course, the whole team must return to the event centre and they are deemed to have finished. Those members of the team who want to continue, can re-register as a new team, whereas the points scored for so far for visited checkpoints are not counted.

Event Center: Arbavere Holiday Centre
Event map: scale 1:30 000, h = 5m, format A3, an orienteering map with simplified symbols.
Mapping: 2005, team work of TA OK, drawing by Rein Kask.
Course: there are 40 checkpoints, maximum 140 points from visiting them all.
Mapper-coursesetter: team work of TA OK under supervision of Rein Kask.
Participants: 2-5 member teams.
Age limit: all competitors must be at least 15 years of age (except in family class).

Class Description
men and women
irrespective of gender, up to 16 years of age
irrespective of gender, up to 18 years of age
women, aged 40 or over
men, aged 40 or over
men and women, aged 40 or over
VV55 irrespective of gender, aged 55 or over
Family from at least two different generations, no age limit

Teams are deemed to compete in every class for which they are eligible.

Entry fees: entry fee for a team is the sum of entry fees for individual team members. Entry fees for competitors (catering in the event center included):

    youth (15 to 18 years of age), pensioners children (up to 14 years of age)
Until 20.09.2005** 140 EEK 100 EEK 50 EEK
Until 01.10.2005 200 EEK 150 EEK 75 EEK
After 01.10.2005* 500 EEK 400 EEK 150 EEK

* only in agreement with organizers

**The deadline for cheaper registration has been prolonged till 25 September.

No parking fee shall be charged. Teams may either use their own SI-card or rent from the organiser a 60-punch SI-card. The wish to rent a SI-card must be mentioned in the registration and the rental of EEK 30 must be paid with the entry fee. In the event the rented SI-card is lost or broken, a compensation of EEK 800 shall be charged.

Prizes: the members of the three absolutely best teams shall be awarded a prize. The number of other awards depends on the number of teams per class.

Breach of rules:
- In case a violation of the remain-together requirement has been registered in a checkpoint, the team shall be penalised by deducting points in the value of this checkpoint; in case of a violation of this requirement elsewhere on the course, the team shall be given a warning.
- In case of a repeated violation, the team may be disqualified.

Protests: protests against a breach of rules and explanations about actions on the course can be submitted to the organiser until 6 p.m.

Mari Roots, [email protected] or
[email protected] or
Phone: +3725162925 or
at the address: Harku 15, 11611 Tallinn, Estonia.

The bank transfer should be performed using the following credentials:
ROGAIN team, class, names of participants
Account No. 1120066509
Liivalaia 8
15040 Tallinn
IBAN: EE572200001120066509
(Please bring the receipt with you. NB! All transaction costs shall be paid by the payer).

It is allowed to change the class, number and names of team members until 5 p.m. on 2 October. By way of exception (illness and the like) it is possible, for an additional fee of EEK 50, until 8.30 a.m. on the competition day to replace members of the team so that the class of the team remains the same and the number of team members would not increase. It is not permitted to split one team into two or more new teams.

Additional information:
Main organiser: Peep Eomois, [email protected], phone +3725068100
Main judge: Sulev Kuiv, [email protected], phone +3725133447
Secretary: Mari Roots, [email protected], phone +3725162925
Main course-setter: Ilmar Kirjanen, [email protected], phone +3725083884.