Additional information on the competition


Car parking is in the event center. The car park is not guarded. You can leave the keys of your car at the information desk.


There are toilets in the event center.

Competition materials

Competition materials (maps, number bibs, rental SI-cards) are delivered from 8:30 am. Please choose the desk according to your team number. Send one representative of your team to collect the materials. Teams, who have not yet paid the entry fee, will get their materials from the desk KASSA. Teams, who want to change team members etc., will get their materials from the desk PROBLEMS.

Number bibs

Number bibs must be pinned on a visible place and must be worn during the whole competition by all members of the team.


SI-cards shall be cleared before start. Rental SI-cards are already cleared. CLEAR-stations are located near the entrance to the start area. You can clear your SI-card already before the start area is opened to avoid standing in a queue.


You can enter the start area from 9 am. At the entrance gate, you have to check the SI-card at CHECK-station. The CHECK-station shall give light and tone signal. In case there is no signal, you have to clear the SI-card again.

All teams shall enter the start area. This rule is supervised based on information of the CHECK-stations. Teams, who did not go through the start area, will not be placed in ranking of the result list. The competition starts at 9:30 am.

At checkpoints

Visiting of checkpoints is registered by punching the SI-card at SI-stations. The necessary information is saved to the SI-card, if the SI-station gives a light and tone signal. In case there is no signal, you have to punch the side of your rogaine map with the mechanical punch. In case both the SI-station and the mechanical punch are missing/stolen, you have to pick up a small piece of paper with the number of the checkpoint to prove that you have visited this checkpoint.

Visiting event center during competition

Teams may visit the competition center or the car park during the competition. In case the team decides not to continue, please pass through the finish.

On the course

A team must follow the rule of moving together. There are judges on the course observing that this rule is being followed.


The finish corridor starts from the road, which runs through the event center. Judges allow teams to the finish corridor only when all members of the team are present. At the finish line, you have to punch the FINISH-station. The control time is 5:30 pm sharp. Teams arriving after that moment will be penalized by deducting points. Finish will be closed at 6 pm, teams arriving after 6 pm are deemed ineligible for placing.

After finishing, the information from SI-cards shall be downloaded at the finish desk. You will be given an out-print, indicating the total sum of points, numbers of checkpoints passed and times of passing checkpoints. Even if there are some problems, do not stop at finish desk, but move further to the PROBLEMS desk. After downloading information from the SI-card, rental SI-cards shall be returned to organizers. In case the team has lost the rental SI-card, a fee of 800 EEK is charged. Therefore – please keep your SI-card carefully on the course.

Problems desk

In case there are some problems or you have used the mechanical punch at some checkpoints or picked up a small piece of paper with the number of the checkpoints (in case the SI-station and the regular punch have been stolen), turn to the PROBLEMS desk.


Soup is delivered from 1 pm.


There are no washing facilities in the event center.


Prize-giving will be held at 6:30 pm.

Contact number of organizers

In case of problems on the course, please call +372 5615 9998 Lauri Leppik