Pre-event information from the course setter

The terrain is a very interesting and surprisingly diverse part of the Lahemaa National Park, with the following typical features:



The course has been planned so that you can go through most of the above-mentioned types of landscape. The map helps you surmise their location while planning the routes, but there surely are surprises since it is a rogaining map that does not pretend to be as precise as an orienteering map. The generalisations above all concern the contours, as the relative differences in height are small. There are 40 checkpoints on the terrain, with their point range varying from 2 to 5. The event centre is located in the middle of the terrain and it is quite easy to plan the route so as to visit the event centre during the competition.

There are two water stations on the terrain (on the map) where pure well water is available.

The remain-together requirement will be checked by controllers.

Wish you creativity for making an optimal route choice and interpreting the map,

Kristjan Gans