Pre-event information

Terrain. Map

The competition will be held for the most part on the Lahemaa National Park territory. There is a nature reservation on the map marked as an out-of-bounds area. It is strictly prohibited to enter the reservation; violations shall be punished by disqualifying the team from competition. Additionally, nature protection authorities have designated large areas where checkpoints were not allowed. Therefore the course setter had to leave out some interesting parts of the terrain. For crossing the streams we recommend to use bridges; other crossings on the map are not planks but rapids, beaver dams, large fallen trees etc. Please do not drop garbage on the terrain — there are garbage bags in the water stations and the event centre.

Teams. Number bibs

Changes in the teams can be made only in compliance with the Competition Rules. Number bibs must be pinned on a visible place and must be worn during the whole competition (from start to finish) by all members of the team. The bib number is the registration ID and the background colour denotes how many members the team has.


Map (and other materials) handout begins at 8:30 at the table corresponding to your ID number. The map is printed on water and tear-resistant material. Additionally you will receive a paper map for route planning.


All competitors need to go through the start gate. The gates will be opened at 9:15. The team members must enter all together, from the gate corresponding to their bib number. Don't forget to clear your SI-card; the rental SI-cards have been cleared already.

On the south-western path from the start you have to go through a narrow opening in the chain-link fence and there may be a jam — take this into consideration.


The team must enter the finish gate all together, the time is taken in Finish point (see the map). The finish must be approached only from the west through the finish gate. Don't forget to return the rental SI-cards.


You must show your competition bib to collect the pre-ordered souvenirs. We have made more souvenirs than were ordered, so they can also be bought.

Prize giving

Starts approximately at 18:00. Before giving prizes to the winners we commemorate those who have taken part in all ten TA OK Rogaines.


There is a tenting area near the event centre, which is free but no services.