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    Peeter Värnik

    Otsin võistkonda asendusliiget, kes oleks huvitatud kõndima 35-40 km (linnulennul 25-28 km) ja ära võtma üle poole punktidest. 56 211 701. Lähtepunkt on Tallinn.

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    Alexander Khalyapin

    Hi Peeter,

    If you are ready to participate alone and to be out of official results, I have a team with already payed registration for my wife and a fake partner. She will be alone, so you may share the team payment, get a map and start alone too.

    +372 535 20 387

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    Hi Alexander
    Thank you for your offer but I have to decline.
    I am looking for a real team member and want to follow the regulations set by the organizers.
    My team ID is 258, the intended partner is unable to participate.

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    Tänan kõiki helistajaid. Paariline leitud ja teema lõpetatud.

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