Armo Hiie

EM ja MM kus IRF reeglid on nõutavad, on minuteada arvesse läinud punktid ainult kontrollaja sees tehtud märgetest. Külavõistlustel saab iga korraldaja oma reeglid kehtestada.

IRF reeglid:
B28. No team shall start until the organisers announce the start. The event shall finish at the
advertised finish time as determined by the organisers’ clock. Teams finishing late will be
penalised at the rate per minute or part thereof specified in advance by the organisers. Teams
finishing more than thirty minutes late shall be deemed ineligible for a placing and their result
shall be recorded as LATE.
B29. A team’s score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited and correctly verified in
accordance with these rules, less any penalties. The team with the greatest score, or in the event
of a tie the team that finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing.